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Navigate! From Taiwanese gangsters and high-rise hotels to the bitterly cold winters of Prague, Steve Ferreira’s journey has always been an international one. What he’s learned along the way, however, is guaranteed to help you exploit every last ounce of your creative, entrepreneurial energy.


About the author

Steve Ferreira is a two times USA TODAY best seller, and the solopreneur founder of Ocean Audit, inc and host of Navigate B2B on Freightwaves TV.

In his latest work, Navigating B2B, Steve weaves a tapestry of hilarious, powerful and profound stories of some his most impactful, albeit unorthodox, business lessons learned from a life played for keeps.


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Your most underutilized asset is not your network


The entrepreneurial path is simple, if not easy – you’re either leading the charge, or you’re not leading at all. But how do you navigate the myriad obstacles? How do you master B2B relationships? And in a market saturated with capable professionals, what can YOU DO to stand out?

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Understand how elements of theatricality are an asset in professional relationships

Bypass the naysayers and get your message to the right set of decision makers

Circumvent the pesky “no’s” by proving your inherent value upfront

Leverage the power of pro-bono work as a pre-closing mechanism in sales

Improve your interpersonal communication through targeted, repetitious practice

Learn how to formulate, execute and implement your business plan within the framework of an existing system first, before striking out on your own

Develop the mental fortitude to accept rejection without internalizing the result as a measurement of your entrepreneurial worth

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